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Punishment Of Luxury – The story of ‘Alien Contact’

Watch the video above where I talk through the His-story of ‘Alien Contact’, Max Pluto and his magical gloves.

In the beginning the Alien Contact idea was to experiment using a sampler and drum machine triggered by a unique glove which was a device I invented and for which I eventually obtained a UK patent for. It originated from a need for a person with physical impairments to play drums or keyboards. The idea was to transfer the trigger method of sounds to the glove and the remote control of electronic instruments was therefore possible.

This whole concept was best witnessed in live performance as the recording reflects the samples and the story and the reverse scratch catch at the end of the song.
The words on the tail out of the single were “Ism axplu to ana lien” and when played (scratched) backwards sounded like “I just fancy an Alien”

Some of the more notable shows were at a large conceptual outdoor performance, called an ‘All Aliens Day’ at Covent Garden in London. David Bickley filmed the performance and turned it into a video for the single. I recently ‘rescued’ the video from an old U-Matic tape which you can see for the first time in 35 years below.  

Side A Alien Contact
Ism axplu to ana lien Contact. Max Pluto the dancing Alien joins Punishment of luxury on this track . His message is for the party goblins in power and that where he comes from there are no rewards for the misery they create

Side B Party Goblins
The mass has congealed into one ear ,words were whittled till they were pegs to hang lies ,there is no alternative, the rich have become gas balloons ,the poor pointed sticks, enter the party goblins or the chocolate garden gnomes ,on the screen ,they have friends in high places without any faces, can you tell them apart?

Nevilluxury guitar vocals Eddie (party )Hall bass vocals Tony Hammerhead Drums vocals

*Thankyou to Alan Burton for the photos of the original single

Written By: Punilux

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