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Futurama ’79

It’s 40 years since the ‘World’s First Science Fiction Music Festival’, Futurama took place in a former tram shed, Queens Hall, in Leeds (Sept 8th/9th 1979)
The incredible line-up featured PiL, Punilux, Joy Division, Hawkwind, The Fall, Cabaret Voltaire and many many more…
On September the 6th Punishment of Luxury return to Leeds, almost 40 years to the day, for a gig at Brudenell Social Club.

Here’s Neville Luxury’s recollections of the night…?

In the beginning of the gig, there was darkness and water covered the surface of the floor and in time there was light in the form of lasers courtesy of the kind and very helpful Hawkwind.</p> <p>Watching Joy Division was a good experience which was better than when we walked into the dressing room. There were two portacabin type structures and we just noticed the first letter P on the sign so we boldly entered and entered where Punilux had never gone before and into a new and strange world….and it was cold and hostile and the inhabitants did not seem inclined to communicate …this was first indication that we were in wrong place.</p> <p>Of course we had landed in the land of PiL and their image was evident on and off the stage.</p> <p>We had a great gig although the light eventually began to diminish from behind us during our encore, apparently because of the preparation of the next act who were the people we encountered in the dressing room.</p> <p>Their performance was excellent and I was impressed by John Lydon’s approach which to me seemed like a combining of a Jack Shepard play with a Bertolt Brecht effect. in any event it was unique and original.</p> <p>When the gig was over the light eventually settled on the waters above the black plain and we realised that we were amongst a large crowd and we had all experienced an end of a decade event and beginning of a new Futurama. Created by John F Keenan

Neville Luxury 29/8/2019


Written By: Punilux

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  • Rolf Menk

    Reply February 14, 20208:20 am

    impossible to read this, because it’s always moving.
    Please check your webdesign.

  • CJ

    Reply November 27, 20222:58 pm

    I remember one night back in 79 very clearly. I was with a few of my punk mates and we had heard there was a gig on a Warwick University western campus. Being 16 and jobless, we had learned to be resourceful, and could find ways of seeing live music for free. On this occasion we happened upon some hippy looking bloke loading equipment into the back of the hall. We asked him if there was any chance he could get us in on the guest list. He was very accommodating, even arguing with the door staff to get us in. I vividly remember the three bands that played that night. One was Spizz Oil, one was the Human League, and the other was yourselves. It turns out it was Phil Oakey that argued with the door staff on our behalf to get us in, for which I am eternally grateful. Because if he hadn’t been such a good sport, I would never have experienced the sublime Punilux and the original Human League.

    After seeing yourselves I was an instant fan. I had every record you released, including a demo Engine of Excess, with the superb B side, Jellyfish. I walked around Coventry with a bright red Punilux demon figure painted on the back of my jacket. My best mate now, who didn’t know me at the time called me the kid with a strawberry on his back.

    Hope you liked the story.

    • CJ

      Reply November 27, 20228:40 pm

      Or was it the A side? Been so long I can’t remember.

  • CJ

    Reply November 27, 20228:38 pm

    Or was Engine of Excess the B side? Been a while.

  • CJ

    Reply November 28, 202211:55 am

    Both great songs either way. Hope to see you one day down this way.

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