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Punishment Of Luxury/His-stories /Laughing Academy at 40


Laughing Academy at 40

‘One memory 40 years on’ – Neville Luxury on ‘Laughing Academy’ at 40…

Laughing in the back of our Mercedes 608D while weaving at a snail’s pace, escaping London, Jamie negotiating with sleeping policemen, and bumps in the road while Will, our other tour technician assessed the summer smells from Camden and Tottenham Court road. Stephen pondering the drum sound, Brian checking the vocals, Jimi examining the bass and Nev reflecting on the first album. </p> <p>Vicki ate Peapods and shared fresh bread while tour manager Sista Suzie organised within our touring temple everything including gear, food and fuel.<br /> There was much joy and discussion in our mobile metal tomb about Bilbo’s final cut of the vinyl, which was a live take from the ¼” master tape, and we agreed that we very much liked what Mike Howlett and Aldo Bocca had helped us to create.</p> <p>We completed Laughing Academy quite quickly as we were fresh from lots of touring and we all felt that all the atmosphere was embodied within the album.<br /> We enjoyed our long journey back up the A1 reflecting our next episodes on the road.<br /> Great times

Nev 3 9 2019

Punishment Of Luxury: Puppet Life – The Complete Recordings, 5CD Boxset is released on October 25th.

Written By: Punilux

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