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Funk Me….its an interview by Gary Alikivi

Gary Alikivi asked some great questions about the band and the responses are woven expertly in his blog.

READ: FUNK OFF – The Punishment of Luxury & further tales of musical adventures.

Included in this blog are some unusual, little known histories, members, strange events and of course some (Alien Contact) etc.

Punilux Live 1979 Jimi, Mala, Brian, Steve and Nev

As well as information on what the band is up to and their plans to continue creatively in these strange days, there is also news of Brian Bond’s imminent record release on April 17th of his excellent band Punching Holes recorded in the 1980’s with outstanding musicians such as Richard Sharpe and Tim Jones.

Please send us feedback about what you think of the interview.

Written By: Punilux

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  • Yanush

    Reply May 3, 20205:14 pm

    Interesting stuff. I remember seeing the edition of Alright Now that featured Punilux. More on that later.

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