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Punishment Of Luxury/Laughing Academy

Laughing Academy


1. Puppet Life
2. Funk Me
3. The Message
4. All White Jack
5. Obsession
6. Radar Bug / Metropolis
7. British Baboon
8. Babalon
9. Excess Bleeding Heart
10. Laughing Academy

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About Album

From a background working in left-wing English fringe theatre groups, Punishment Of Luxury were a four-man post-punk band formed in December 1976 in the north-east of England, and released a single, ‘Puppet Life’ on the Small Wonder label in June 1978.

In 1979 they signed to United Artists and released the single ‘Jellyfish’/’Engine Of Excess’ and the album Laughing Academy. 1980 saw the release of the single Secrets/Brain Bomb. All received critical acclaim and sold well.

Artist: Punishment Of Luxury
Label: United Artists
Release Date: 2-10-1979
People: Nevilluxury, Brian Bond, Jimi Giro, Steve Sekrit

Available Lyrics

Puppet Life

Wires stick through my soul,
my actions are controlled,
turning me from free man
to puppet life suspended,
Suspended! In puppet life!
Puppet life!

Your demands are my role,
lost in space and time,
I crawl for you,
Once I had my own mind
but in your sewer, I was blinded,
Wallowing around
like an albino crocodile,
in puppet life!
Puppet life!

I used to laugh an make the sun shine,
But then you came and made me freeze,
I haven't had a friend for such a long time,
Cut the strings, free me please, oh please,
I beg you

Once my world was wild but clear,
No-one over me to watch an overhear,
Now I have only dreams to sell,
Going cheap at the gates of hell!
At the gates Of hell! Hell...

Our bodies can take no more,
The fascist always ends up on the floor.
Our day will come we pray,
I'll be OK when I've been mended!
But until then I will be swinging
on your rope,
With no hope
All I have,
All I know,
are puppets.

Funk Me

You suck all my power
oh electricity
Melt me every hour
every hour like a clock

Am I Cuckoo, am I demon?
Oh give my heart a chance
Are your reptile,
am I dreamin'
I watch your long

Funk me till I'm crazy
maybe that will make me see
My eyes are glazey
in the madness you've left me
In the jungle, oo-ah, oo-ah, oo-ah, oo-ah

This disco spell danger –
I am Lone Ranger
Won't someone touch me –
Hell's hot licks clutch me
I hear my sweet heart scream

Funk me till I’m crazy
Maybe that will change my mind
My eyes are glazey
With hot licks you leave me blind
In the jungle, oo-ah, oo-ah, oo-ah, oo-ah

Funk me till I'm crazy, sex is just a dream
I drink your gaze and soak in dust and cream
ah oo-ah, ah oo-ah, ah oo-ah, ah oo-ah

Funk me till I'm crazy
Oh make my magic scream
Lizard love is easy
Ah sex is a dream
I'll meet you here on Monday
this time we'll get so
Vanity has bum ways –
you have my heart tonight

Oh Aa-aa-ah, Oh aa-aa-ah,

Funk me till I'm crazy,
sex is just a dream
I drink your gaze and soak
in dust and cream

The Message

Got to work in the morning, still stuck in a dream,
cooped up on moonlab, I went to the screen
Years of waiting, still no sign of hope
Then I saw a light flash on the radio telescope

I couldn't believe it, heart turned to stone
I tried to swallow, I picked up the phone
I said to my assistent, "You won't believe this but
I don't give a damn
I've just received a message - come over here
As soon as you can, now hurry."

'Earth calling moonlab, it's too early to say but we
Believe the signal's about a thousand light years away
Whatever form of life it is, for all we know
Might be extinct now, wiped out centuries ago
Shut up, locate the planet, communication has begun
It's from the second nearest star system to our
sun now, there it is

"You'd like to see us but that cannot be - we
cannot even reach you with simple telepathy
Your mind is not developed, you'd find us much too
You see, we have no structure, we constantly change
We merge with our surroundings, we fluidly adapt our
If we came down now
You would be the form we'd take

Do you understand?
Do you understand?

All White Jack

I'm black, I'm red, I'm white, I'm all three in the night
All look the same to me
I see you try to split the people with your tricks
Play hangman with yourself, crack the whip

Chorus: (Hey!) I'm in the darkroom keep out the light
Developing an image of you tonight
Negative eyes make the future black
Thank God I'm positively all white jack

White man, superior white man
You're a superman, it's a super plan
But only for a white man in a white house
We are no angels, I'm all white jack

I see you crack your head
You sat up on a wall but now I see you fall
I love to see you swim inside your sea of sin
But now I hear you call

All white jack, all white jack
The time has come to sow the seed of change
Into the Euromind

All white jack, can't you see I'm all white etc.
All white etc.


All the best girls belong to somebody else through a window.
I've seen it all before up here in the grey of my room -
"I'm watching every move you make.
I'm watching every breath you take"

With my park-bench eye I see them
all go by imagining so
much more all through the day
till the moon comes-

"watching every move you make,
clock-watching, passing you by.
We're laughing at you.
We're pointing your way"

"We're laughing at you, we know about
games you play you know what to say"

Now the days died, time to slip outside.
I watch a girl say goodbye to her friends.
I'll follow and think what to say-

"Stop thinking time will fly for you.
Stop thinking.
You know what to do"

I could hold her soft white hand and
make her understand me
but I know how that story ends.
She'd toss her head and quickly walk away-

"Just do it. Now's your chance to show.
Just do it, you know you can!
We're laughing at you, we're pointing your way"

We're laughing at you we know all about
your games you know what they say

But I had to get you all by yourself because I want you all for myself.
If I saw you with anyone else I'd break up into pieces.
You make me feel so stupid, I've always been so shy.
Anyone can tell you I wouldn't hurt a fly but I feel so far above you
you'll be easy to make love to, even if it means You have to die die die
and I'll kiss you as you're lying in the mud I'll kiss your mouth
And wipe away the blood
I'll take you home an kiss you in the night when you're cold
I'll kiss you when I'm helpless and I'm feeling 2 years old feeling 2 years old

I did no wrong:
-I say I did no wrong.

She's dead (It wasn't me who did it) She's dead.
It must have been somebody else.
Oh No!
She's dead.
Look at me. I am a baby.
She's dead, No she's not she's only sleeping
Shesdeadshesdead I didn't do it

It only seems to happen with a corpse or a dream
Dead bodies don't betray you. They never try to scream

Radar Bug / Metropolis

It's a pleasure dome, with a solar ceiling
It's home sweet chrome, but I don't feel much feeling.

Colour of skin - white paste
Blank screen, nothing seen,
then your face

Sonar blips your echo
Radar bug I feel you tug my wire
hello I love your video

I can feel you crawl across
But the synthesizer says: "Feeling strange?
Select a smell, pick a dream, choose your taste".
There's music from the song machine but I still feel
out of place

Now my sockets found your plug
You gotta home in, sonar skin
Radar bug, radar bug.


……..This is no dream,
this is for real,
with you forever
We got to impale
the slugs in your brain,
with you forever
Crackle of the creeps,
punish all the pain,
Trigger off a dream,
there's only one way

Metropolis, metropolis metropolis with you forever
Metropolis, it's hip to drink piss
Metropolis, this is the twist
Metropolis, with you forever

Now you have a night
so deep and so dark
To burn your light
I'm burning inside
Police incite,
Baboon's gonna bite

Wanna go back? You wanna go back?
Hide here, confide here
all words are wall to wall
Feed us, tease us
robot radar dummies are installed,

………..This is no dream
this is for real,
with you forever
We want to sustain
all the hope in your brain -
with you forever
Crackle off the creeps,
they hang on your back
Punish all the pain
it doesn't exist
Trigger off a dream,
there's only one way

You wanna got back?
You wanna go back?
Hide here, confide here,
all words are wall to wall.
Feed us, need us,
Choose your partner,
pay your token
Sleeping duty
has awoken now

Dance with a Chinese girl