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Punishment Of Luxury/Laughing Academy

Laughing Academy


1. Puppet Life
2. Funk Me
3. The Message
4. All White Jack
5. Obsession
6. Radar Bug / Metropolis
7. British Baboon
8. Babalon
9. Excess Bleeding Heart
10. Laughing Academy

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About Album

From a background working in left-wing English fringe theatre groups, Punishment Of Luxury were a four-man post-punk band formed in December 1976 in the north-east of England, and released a single, ‘Puppet Life’ on the Small Wonder label in June 1978.

In 1979 they signed to United Artists and released the single ‘Jellyfish’/’Engine Of Excess’ and the album Laughing Academy. 1980 saw the release of the single Secrets/Brain Bomb. All received critical acclaim and sold well.

Artist: Punishment Of Luxury
Label: Universal Artists
Release Date: 2-10-1979