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1. Funghi
2. Bird and the Elephant
3. Fairiation
4. Gasman
5. Revelations
6. Golden Corsets
7. Tria-dance

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The first release of music from Red Rhino ( Red LP 34) which included some new themes and incorporated the analogue synth guitar.

There was a single from the album called Hold me (never mould me) which originally linked with the first song Funghi . However it was the flip side called Golden Corsets which achieves some Radio 1 airplay. A track which was meant to be the the next single called Doubting Thomas , a type of 9/4 wall never materialised but made it onto the new Cherry Red Punishment of Luxury compilation released November 2019 and only made possible about some serious tape baking.

It is worth looking at the birth of a new creature which was grown in the deserty sea of Babylon and manifested in the Gasman* ( this track is on the original vinyl and the Cherry Red Box set but not Spotify etc)

Artist: Punishment Of Luxury
Label: Red Rhino
Release Date: 1983
People: Nevilluxury, Brian Bond, Jimi Giro, Steve Sekrit